Apple iPod Touch 4.Gen - parts

In our spare parts category you can find a selection of replacement parts with allow you to autonomously perform a repair of nearly every defect of your iPod touch.
A broken, shattered, fractured, scratched or damaged screen can be fixed by installing a new frontglass with touch-screen for the iPod touch 4th generation.
It could also happen that the sound of your audiojack is scratching, only hearable on one side (either only left or only right side) or isn't audible at all. In that case replacing the headphone jack of the iPod touch 4th generation will solve all these issues.
Against common thinking the physical home-button for the iPod touch itself isn't responsible for an error of your homebutton, e.g. the homebutton is hard to press, reacts sometimes or doesn't react at all.
If this should be the case the home-button-flexcable for the iPod touch 4th generation needs to replaced in order to restore the functionality of the home-button.
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