Apple iPhone 5S - spare parts

In this category you wil find spare parts with which you can solve defects of your iPhone 5S.
If you have problems charging your iPhone or heaving a broken headphone jack, you can replace the dock-headphone-jack-antenna-connector of the iPhone 5S. This also solves connection problems, e.g. when you can't make or receive calls.
Another common defect is a broken frontpanel-glass of the iPhone 5S. If you replace it with a front-assembly with glass, touch-screen and LCD-Retina-display for the iPhone 5S it will look like new again. This spare part also fixes a non responding touch-screen and a broken/defective LCD-display.
Other ordinary errors are a non-responding/broken Power-button/On-off-switch (solution: replace the power-button flex-cable with volume switch, mute button and microphone for the iPhone 5S) or a weak battery (solution: replace the old battery with a new battery for the iPhone 5S).
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