Apple iPhone 5C - spare parts

This category contains spare parts for the iPhone 5C with which you can repair certain defects of your device by yourself.
For instance, you can restore the functionality of your dock-connector (iPhone doesn't charge), the headphone jack (sound output doesn't work, scratching sound, only sound on one side) or the iPhone antenna (no connection/can't make/receive calls) by replacing the .
Another common error is a cracked screen/frontglass of the iPhone 5C. You can repair that by replacing the
frontglass, touch-screen and LCD-Retina-display assembly for the iPhone 5C. This product needs to be exchanged for the repair of a not respong touch-screen or a broken LCD-screen.
But we also offer spare parts for many other common defects like a broken/not responding power-button (solution: exchange the power-button, volume-switch, mute-button and microphone flex cable for the iPhone 5C) or a weak battery (solution: replace the battery for the iPhone 5C).
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