Apple iPhone 5 - spare parts

In this category you can find all imaginable spare parts for the iPhone 5 with which you can perform a repair of your device by yourself.
For instance you can replace the Dock-Lighting-connector with headphone-antenna-connector for the iPhone 5 in case your iPhone can't be charged anymore, you can't receive any telephone network. A popular repair is the replacement of the frontglass with touch-screen and LCD-Retina-display for the iPhone 5 that can repair a broken frontscreen e.g. when you dropped your iPhone and the glass is cracked.
In case one of the many small parts of your device gets lost or damaged during a repair we have a complete small parts set for the iPhone 5 available for you.
A frequent problem is the decreasing duration of your battery power. By replacing the old battery with a new battery for the iPhone 5 you can restore and unleash the full power of the iPhone 5 in your everday life!
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