Apple iPhone 4S - spare parts

The category for spare parts of the iPhone 4S contains a variety of replacement parts with which you can fix (nearly) every damage of your iPhone by yourself!
It doesn't matter if your iPhone doesn't charge anymore or you can't be understood during a phone call and you have to replace the dock-connector with microphone for the iPhone 4S or you dropped your phone, the screen is cracked and you have to replace the front glass with touch panel and LCD-screen for the iPhone 4S - we have just the right spare part for your needs!
We also stock all the small parts built into the iPhone 4S that can easily be lost or damaged during a repair.
A popular replacement part is also the battery of the iPhone 4S which can lose it's power over time, especially when used excessively or when it's falsely charged. By replacing the battery you can use your iPhone again like it has never been touched and you have all the power you need for your everyday usage.
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