Apple iPhone 4 - spare parts

In our spare parts category you will find all sorts of replacement parts with which you can perform a repair of your iPhone by yourself.
For instance, with a new dock-connector with microphone for the iPhone 4 you can restore the charging-functioning of your iPhone or replace a broken microphone.
Furthermore we offer you the front glass with touch-screen and LCD-display for the iPhone 4 which becomes necessairy when your glass is broken / cracked or your LCD is defective, e.g. having a flickering display or only showing stripes.
In addition to that we also stock small parts of the iPhone 4 that can be handy when you lose or damage on of them during a repair.
Often the battery of the iPhone 4 is weak due to a heavy usage and/or false charging. The battery can be replaced easily and your iPhone will have all the power needed for everyday usage afterwards.
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