Apple iPad Mini 2 - spare parts

Our spare parts category for the iPad Mini 2 (Retina) stocks a variety of new and original spare parts with which you can repair almost every error of your iPad Mini 2 by yourself.
The most common reason for a iPad repair is a broken, scratched, shattered or otherwisely damaged front panel. This can happen after dropping, scratching or butting your device in any way.
By replacing your defective glass with a new digitzer / touch-panel with frontglass for the iPad Mini 2 (Retina) you can fully restore the functionality of your broken iPad.
While repairing though, you have to take caution: The front-panel and the chassis are glued to one another and the 3G-/4G-antenna for the iPad Mini 1 and 2, as well as the WiFi-and Bluetooth-antenna for the iPad Mini 1 and 2 are seated right underneath the glass and may stick to the panel while you try to remove it - this can cause irreversible damage to your antennas.
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