Apple iPad Mini - spare parts

The spare parts category for the iPad Mini 1 stocks all components that are necessairy for a successful repair of a defective iPad Mini.
The most common error is a broken front-panel / digitizer which is very sensitive to pressure, drops or any other physical action that may cause cracks, scratches or other damage.
This problem can be solved by removing the old panel and installing a new digitizer / touch-panel with frontglass for the iPad Mini 1 which makes your iPad look brandnew again from the front.
Please bear in mind that you have to take caution during your repair or you can easily damage the 3G/4G-antenna of the iPad Mini 1, the WiFi-antenna for the iPad Mini 1, the antennas are glued onto the glass, or the LCD-display for the iPad Mini 1 which gets scratched or damaged easily by applying pressure or having glass pieces scratching the surface.
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