Apple iPad 4 - spare parts

For the iPad 4 we stock a big variety of spare parts with which you can repair a multiplicity of defects of your iPad by yourself.
The most common damage is a defective front panel which can be broken, cracked or damaged after dropping the iPad.
By removing the old glass and attaching a new front glass with touch-screen for the iPad 4 to the chassis your iPad will look like new again.
During the repair you have to take caution because the front panel is only glued to the chassis and you can easily damage the WiFi- and Bluetooth-antenna for the iPad 4 or the 3G-antenna for the iPad 4 because they seated right beneath the glass and may stick to the panel while you try to remove it.
After detaching the old front panel you have to be really careful dealing with the LCD-Retina-display for the iPad 4 because it can be very easily be permanently damaged.
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