Apple iPad 1 - spare parts

The spare parts category offers you a variety of parts with which you can perform a repair of your iPad 1 by yourself.
Regularly purchased products are for instance the front-glass with touch-screen for the iPad 1, which must be replaced when your screen is cracked e.g. after dropping your device, or the LCD-display for the iPad 1 that must be replaced when it has image errors/aberrations or the LCD is physical defective.
In contrary to the following models, the frontglass of the iPad 1 is not glued to the back side. It is fixed by small plastic brackets that clip the front panel and LCD to the rear case.
Those Mounting brackets-clips for the iPad 1 are easily damaged while opening the iPad so whenever you want to perform a repair (e.g. replacing the front-panel or LCD) you should have some of those beside you because you might damage some of the clips.
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