The Italian company DottorPOD develops tools to ease any repair you will perform on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or any other Apple device.

Their most popular tool is the iSesamo opening tool which is both very firm and very flexible at the same time and with its thin top it can easily e.g. help you to remove the battery that is glued to the housing or disconnect the front panel from the chassis. It works better and it lasts much longer than any plastic spudger.

Another handy tool is the iScrews screw tray. It helps you to stay organized during a repair because it provides a place for every screw you remove from your device and the holes for your screws are exactly at the place where they fit into your device, so you don't have to remember which screw you put at which place in your device.

A new development is the iSlack opening tool for the iPhone 5 and 5S. It helps you removing the front panel from the chassis without damaging the screen, the housing or the brackets that hold the frontglass in place.
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